Baby Javan Rhino

Baby Javan Rhino



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The Baby Javan Rhino is the small and subtle version of the much heavier and taller ‘Javan Rhino’.This pendant fixture, which consists of a glass tube connecting two solid cast-aluminium end-pieces, has been designed by Leuchtenbau Wittenberg; a company specialized in explosion proof lighting. The light has several ‘explosion proof’ properties, like a centimetre thick glass tube and air tight sockets.

The fixture originally illuminated the storage spaces of one of the largest laboratories in the DDR. It had to cease activities in the nineties owing to a lack of financial resources, and has been left abandoned and neglected for over two decades. The light is designed to be ‘explosion-proof’ so it could be of use in high-risk locations where explosives or hazardous materials were processed.

Baby Javan Rhino