Diamond Dove

Diamond Dove

Deep bowl light with ‘diamond’ glass dome



42 x 42 x 65 (L x W x H)


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From our many favourites, this lamp is definitely in our the top five. It consists of a green-coloured steel plate cylinder holding a glass dome that by no coincidence is named after a diamond. It has been polished in a way that the glass features small spheres, enabling the fixture to create an amazing light effect. During the DDR era, these deep bowl reflectors were placed high at the ceiling to illuminate workshops and warehouses from great heights; we however suggest to give it a more prominent place.

Together with many other fixtures, the Diamond Dove was found at the ceiling of a storage building on the premises of a former East German refrigerator manufacturer. All fixtures found in this space are considered special pieces originating from before the second world war or just soon after. Presumable after a reconstruction, these lamps were stockpiled at the attic, and left to be forgotten.

The Diamond Dove comes with a 42 watt E27 halogen bulb, 1,5 meter matt black cable, and a passport describing its history and origin.

Diamond Dove