Fin Whale

Fin Whale - Industrial Fluorescent Light

Fin Whale

White Triangle-shaped Industrial Fluorescent Pendant Fixture



128 x 28 x 24 (L x W x H)


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This triangle shaped light has been developed especially for the illumination of assembly lines. The fixtures were connected to each other in long lines, lighting the most crucial places of the work space from a great height. The Fin Whale is constructed of a white, steel plated body and has a protective glass pane to close off the fluorescent tubes.

The fixture was salvaged from one of the largest laboratories in East Germany. After WWII this lab was part of the soviet military administration, and became a state-owned company until the reunification in the early nineties. In this lab the fixture was found suspended from the ceiling in one of the manufacturing spaces.

The Fin Whale comes with two TLD 36 Watt fluorescent lights (warm white, cool white, or daylight), a 1,5 meter matt black cable, and its passport describing the history and origin of the lamp. It can be delivered as a dimmable version on request.

Fin Whale - Industrial Fluorescent Light

Fin Whale